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The leader in Biohazard  Disinfection -Removal and Cleaning in Texas


Crime, Trauma, Death Scene Cleaners - Disease Outbreaks such as Staph, C Diff, MRSA Norovirus, Enterovirus

Homicide, Home Invasion, Burglary


Crime Scene Cleanup in Houston, Dallas, Corpus, Austin and San Antonio Texas


Our Professional technicians at USA Decon are experienced in the safe, effective removal and decontamination of biohazards that are present at the scene of a crime. We understand the profound amount of stress and sorrow that comes with a crime scene at your property. Weather it is a homicide, physical assault, burglary or home invasion. So we work quickly, discreetly and respectfully to thoroughly remove all traces of the crime scene to give you peace of mind. Clean up procedures include cleaning and disinfecting with EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants. Our company determines all the work hazards and risks at the scene. We then remove all potentially infectious blood, body fluids, body tissue and any materials that are / or may be contaminated. All the Biohazard waste is properly packaged in approved containers, transported and then destroyed to comply with both State and Federal law.

Often the contamination spreads further than the untrained eye can see. We check all areas of the property to insure that we do not miss anything. Our experience over the last 7 years and over 1200 scenes has taught us where to look and find the problem areas. 

Our Technicians are very detailed and thorough to insure the safety of our clients.

In many incidents the forensic team may use finger print powder or luminol to help lift fingerprints to identify the suspect or suspects. We can properly remove these products as well.

In some cases Police are forced to use Tear Gas at the scene of a crime to protect life and property. We have the knowledge and equipment to properly remove Tear Gas from any structure.

We are State licensed, OSHA, CDC, and TCEQ Compliant. We are also insured and bonded for your protection.

We always arrive at the scene in unmarked vehicles.