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The leader in Biohazard  Disinfection -Removal and Cleaning in Texas


Crime, Trauma, Death Scene Cleaners - Disease Outbreaks such as Staph, C Diff, MRSA Norovirus, Enterovirus

Fully Compliant Biohazard Remediation




The Only Fully Compliant, Licensed, Biohazard Remediation, Crime / Trauma Scene Clean Up Company in Texas


USA Decon has offices located in the Houston, Dallas / Fort Worth and Corpus Christi Metroplexes. Through our Network Partners we also offer Services in San Antonio, Austin and the Rio Grande Valley. To our knowledge, we are the only 3, Fully Compliant and Licensed Biohazard Remediation Companies in Texas. Through this network we can offer Services in the entire State of Texas, along with portions of Louisiana and Oklahoma. Our License numbers can be verified at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ( TCEQ ) website. License numbers 50124, 50125, 50126.

Biohazards ( Bulk Blood, Body fluids and tissue ) are a Regulated Medical Waste according to State and Federal Law. All Biohazards must be placed in properly marked containers with a red bag liner to prevent leaking during transport. The waste must then be transported to a Licensed Type V destruction facility for processing.

The reason most companies choose not to get this License in because it is very difficult. The application process typically takes 6 to 12 months. You must have a Dedicated Transport Vehicle that complies with all State Laws, and you must show proof that you have a 1 Million Dollar Pollution Insurance Policy. This Insurance is required by the State of Texas in the event of a spill of Medical Waste on a public roadway. The State wants to make sure the Company has the means to get it cleaned up quickly and safely to open the road to use again. Although this is a rare occurrence, it recently did happen near Austin and the road was shut down for several hours while the clean up crew was picking up the Biohazard Waste from the road and the grass median.

When dealing with Biohazards everyone should use Universal Precautions and appropriate PPE at a minimum.

We at USA Decon choose to follow All State and Federal laws that pertain to our Industry. We do not try to avoid Licensing and Permits through loopholes in the system.

So should you find yourself in need our Biohazard Cleanup Services, you can be assured that you have hired the most Compliant, Experienced, and Licensed Company in Texas.  

We work with Property Management Companies, Home Owners, Business Owners, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Companies, Schools, City, County and State Municipalities or any person that be faced with a Biohazard Cleaning issue.   

Please visit the links below for more information. These are just a few links to Regulations that we follow. This is done for both your safety and ours.     


Biohazard by Definition  


Universal Precautions for Preventing Transmission of Bloodborne Infections Link


OSHA BBP Standard Link


CDC Link




BBB Accredited Business A Rating Link   


Public Warning

Please check out the company you are about to hire. Are they a local licensed company? Or are they a company from out of State waiting to take advantage of you and your situation? If a Company has an F rating on the BBB, there is obviously a reason for it. If they are not a member of the BBB they are to new of a company to qualify to be a member.

NEVER sign a work authorization without first knowing the price of the project. If the company cannot give you a written estimate, they are either inexperienced or trying to take advantage of you and your insurance company.

If you are a Police Department, Funeral Director, Justice of the Peace, or Medical Examiner and have been mailed a brochure from a Biohazard cleaning company, check them out before you give out their number. We know you are just trying to help the family in there time of need But Please do not pass out information without first checking out the company. They may make you and your Department look very bad. We have been contacted by a huge number of people and insurance companies complaining about sub standard work and huge invoices from either unqualified new companies or huge nationwide companies.       

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